Musings by J.D.Stefanovic

Who am I

So what is this blog about? Who am I?  I´m a regular person with normal problems and issues as everyone else out there but sometimes i think i stumble across something revelatory that changes my life every now and then. Out of this I´ve  had some ideas spinning around in my head quite a while now of different topics that i think would be fun to get on paper so to speak. So i thought to my self why not a blog? If someone gets something out of my so and so writing skills then it´s all good i guess. Great fun. I guess that the core of this blog will evolve alot around how we work as human beeings but with an angle that is not so very openly seen in our society today. I am no professional debater, writer or anything of that sort. I am not a shrink with inner sight of the human psycology but if my ramblings works and you get something positive out of this then i am more than pleased. My only wish is that this would trigger something in you as these thoughts have done with me. I would love to hear some feedback so don´t hesitate to get in touch.

My passion in life is my wife, great movies, photography, composing music, playing live and i hope to see alot more of the world than i´ve had the opportunity to do so far.


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