Musings by J.D.Stefanovic

Mystery of life unraveled

Guidance on the wayWhat guides your life? What are the guidelines in today’s society? What makes me a good human being? What makes me content in life? Does it make me a good human being if I give money every now and then to a charity organization?

What is the true character of a good person? Does one do good out of guilt or out of the simple fact that it makes you feel good when you can help another person in need? What is true masculinity contra femininity? Do you live out of your own will power, do you sense that you´re in control?

Are you present in the now, or do you dwell in the past or constantly watching ahead of you into the future? What does it mean to live out of your heart instead of your head and reason? Do you get jealous of your neighbors success?

These are a few topics that will be brought up on this blog site. These are not meant to be presented as 100% scientific facts merely as a different opinion and point of view contra what the norms tend to be in today’s society.

Stay tuned for more


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